Menomonee River Modern

The guest bedroom suite was in need of an update, and the owners requested the new design for the space have the same clean lines that characterize the rest of their home, with a slightly feminine touch. The new interior centers around a beautiful ombre paper that fades gradually from a soft blush pink to a pale white. This effect subtly grounds the space and sets off the furnishings while giving the room an airy lightness. Each piece works in concert with the tones of the wallcovering, adding layers of texture and softness to the room. The simplicity of the palette is punctuated by an original painting by artist Bryan Nash Gill, adding a dash of green and connecting the interior space to the home’s densely-wooded surroundings.

In the lower level, the owners had an underutilized space with dated finishes.  With some of the best views of the Menomonee River Valley, it had the potential to be one of the most compelling spaces in the home. Tasked with creating a home office, a movie room, and a dance floor with work out space while maintaining a spacious, open feel, the long space was divided into thirds through a creative use of millwork, flooring, lighting, and built-in furnishings. The striking edge grain white oak floor is composed of thousands of thin slices of wood, stacked on edge and sanded to a smooth finish, a perfect surface for work outs and dancing. A maple ceiling and wall delineate the office area and direct the view towards the lush, green forest just beyond the windows.

Interior Architecture & Design: Amy Carman Design    Photography: Elisabeth Witt


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