M House

This striking concept house was conceived of by a magazine publisher to showcase innovative building products from the surface and panel industry. With over 30 international material suppliers participating in the project, the mHouse is a case study in how new and innovative materials can be used in every aspect of residential construction. Products such as thermally fused laminate, resin panels, and solid surface however, are just part of the story behind this project. The mHouse showcases the work and talents of a number of notable architects, artists and designers. Designed by Vetter Denk, with landscape architecture by 10x10, the mHouse also features  numerous original paintings by artist Pamela Anderson and a 25’ digital mural created by Reginald Baylor and printed by Wilsonart.  

Interior Architecture and Design: Amy Carman Design   Architect: Vetter Denk     Original Artwork: Pamela Anderson    Mural: Reginald Baylor    Photography: Ryan Hainey


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