Koutnik Dental

Knowing that a visit to the dental office can be an anxiety-producing experience, the ACD team sought to create a welcoming, home-like atmosphere.  The clinic is housed in a former farmhouse, and the unique charm of the building, complete with the original front porch, gives the exterior of the clinic a decidedly residential feel among the other commercial buildings on the street.  This inviting, comforting quality was an element the ACD team sought to carry throughout the interior.  Inside, a soft and cozy upholstered bench wraps around the waiting area and is covered in a gingham check.  Playful artwork adds color to the space and avoids any literal references to dentistry.  The reception desk and hall are clad in the warmth of millwork and shiplap, and decorative light fixtures provide a touch of farmhouse style.  The residential charm of the interior puts patients at ease and conveys the caring, family-friendly approach of the clinic’s ownership.


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