ACD Studio

Inside this historic university building the ACD team took a clean, modern approach to their studio space.  An expansive black stone island anchors the studio with over twelve feet of space to spread out drawings and materials.  Samples and resources are stored behind tidy white cabinet doors, accessed by a rolling library ladder.  Tailored chairs and a white wool sofa provide a cozy and casual space for work, and overhead the large black lights are lined with gold leaf— creating a space that is equal parts industrial loft and high-end boutique. In the office, workstations are arranged around a center island to foster collaboration and connection.  Both office and studio are filled with original artwork.  A large abstract painting, commissioned from local artist Pamela Anderson, leans against the wall in the office.  In the studio, a collection of bright fishing lures are displayed in rows of shadow boxes, making a striking visual statement.

Interior Design: Amy Carman Design    Original Painting: Pamela Anderson    Photography: Elisabeth Witt


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